Wide experience range

Realized projects in: blockchain, construction, telecomunnication medicine, cosmetics, loyalty programs and technological branches

High standard of communication

Even in small projects we create corporate governance standars for communication and realization of procedures which increases speed of introduction of the project to the market.


Highest quality in realization is the priority asset in competition to the market. That is why we focus on highest standards of realization.


We have a broad network of supporters which are able to realize additional tasks in project - we can build a team dedicated to the specification of the project.

Example experience and realizations (excluded from NDAs)

2018 – 2019 Performante
Digital sector projects: BI, PM and Account management. Realization of strategies, IT projects and digital based. Up-selling.
2013 – 2019 Aligo Ventures
Research for projects, value estimation and business value creation. Projects value total: ~20M PLN.
2017 51GOSHANGHAI, Tokenloyalty
Initial Coin Offring, IPO processes, R&D projects based in blockchain. Type: marketing projects, Fin-Tech (incl. banking).
2015-2016 Cada Casa
Introduction of the Cada Casa company to the Polish market. Management of sales, co-operations, corporate governance, full backup of the shareholders in Poland. Type: house building system. Gained contracts: 4.5M EUR
2015 Catmood Venture Fund Helping this fund in preparation of projects (business plan, P&L), corporate governance and piloting several projects (contract for 6 projects), i.e.: cosmetics, IT for medicine, construction. Contracts value: ~5M PLN.
2011-2016 EFUND S.A. Co-support and co-responsibility in companies acquisition, corporate governance rules, strategy. Fund growth value from 4.5M to 130M PLN.
2010-2013 TECHNOBOARD Pipeline of over a 1200 projects with selection and investment process. Corporate governance and sales force for selected (Responsible for ~10 projects, ~5M PLN).
2009 – 2019 “One-shots” Contract project management and sales force, including support in finding financing in form of investments. Example projects: Krauck Systems Poland – introduction to Polish market, concluded with the prize in the Polish Chamber of Commerce in “innovative product” category. CE broker group – leading company in Poland managing with insurance market – the process of fund raising and advisory. Business Development in R&D projects. Creation of projects, MVP phase and commercialization phase. Advisory in projects, i.e.: – Center of Hearing and Speech Medincus – consulting of R&D projects – AGH Kraków – consulting in telemedicine – Betacom SA – consulting in R&D projects – national institute of Geology –  IT project of digitization – MOSiR Sosnowiec – consulting in infrastructure projects (bool, football court) – Zamość hospital –  consulting in telemedicine R&D projects – Cooperation and partnership with Deloitte in case of medical strategy for Poland

Three steps for your company

We call it three steps of implementation
Project strategy

Project strategy

Unique strategy for the specified project

Each project is recognized individually. A strategy is born. This strategy includes unique branding, KPIs and structure for the implementation to the market.

A close look up

A close look up

Looking at project traction and results

Constant change is the process of adaptation for the market requirements. We look into the heart of the project versus market conditions in real time.

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Fast road

When the road is constructed, just run

When there is build up construction for scaling, we build and realize a fast income strategy.


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