Example experience and realizations 
2017 51GOSHANGHAI ICO R&D projects based in blockchain. Type: marketing projects, Fin-Tech (incl. banking).
2015-2016 Cada Casa Introduction of the Cada Casa company to the Polish market. Management of sales, co-operations, corporate governance, full backup of the shareholders in Poland. Type: house building system.
2015 Catmood Venture Fund Helping this fund in preparation of projects (business plan, P&L), corporate governance and piloting several projects (contract for 6 projects), i.e.: cosmetics, IT for medicine, construction.
2011-2016 EFUND S.A. Co-support in companies acquisition, corporate governance rules, strategy.
2010-2013 TECHNOBOARD Pipeline of over a 1200 projects with selection and investment process. Corporate governance and sales force for selected (~10 projects).
2009 – 2016 “One-shots” Contract project management and sales force, including support in finding financing in form of investments. Example projects: Krauck Systems Poland – introduction to Polish market, concluded with the prize in the Polish Chamber of Commerce in “innovative product” category. CE broker group – leading company in Poland managing with insurance market – the process of fund raising and advisory. Business Development in R&D projects. Creation of projects, MVP phase and commercialization phase. Advisory in projects, i.e.: – Center of Hearing and Speech Medincus – consulting of R&D projects – AGH Kraków – consulting in telemedicine – Betacom SA – consulting in R&D projects – national institute of Geology –  IT project of digitization – MOSiR Sosnowiec – consulting in infrastructure projects (bool, football court) – Zamość hospital –  consulting in telemedicine R&D projects – Cooperation and partnership with Deloitte in case of medical strategy for Poland